Dictionary -> Glossary
Posted by muscapaul on April 28 2006 03:10:26
My plans with the Dictionary Infusion are gradually developing more and more. It is now clear to me that it will evolve in the Glossary Builder I wanted to have. At one stage I thought of modding an existing FAQ system into an Glossary Builder infusion but I think this will take me less time to get hwat I want.

In the future the infusion will also include a modification of maincore.php that will allow the use of [glos] [/glos] tags. Between those tags, a term (single word, not a phrase yet, I am afraid) will become a link to the page with the description of the term. As the description field already allows the use of BBcode it is well suited to give nicely formatted descriptions. Even illustrations are possible (though it needs some work for consistent page layout). The good news is: The basics are already working on my localhost site.

Will the Dictionary be lost alltogether? No, I will see if I can manage to disable and enable different features to use it as Dictionary or Gossary in one setting and at the same time switch locale files. Yes, we're talking about revolution here. Keep checking.