Major update Terms Infusion (17.12.2007)

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Posted by muscapaul on December 19 2007 16:37:50
There is a major update of the Terms Infusion (v2.00).

* The Update Publication Date feature that appeared to be incorporated in the Infusion is now functional.

* Moving the mouse over the question mark image signifying a [glos]Glossary[/glos] Term will show a popup layer with the Term Title, Explanation and (if given) Image.
* Clicking a marked Term that is not yet included in the Glossary will lead to an error page. (In the popup layer a message will appear with a similar message).
* Clicking a marked Term that has two different explanations in the Glossary will lead to a page with the the possible options. (In the popup layer the same is noticed and the visitor is requested to click the link to see the options.)
* Previously modified core files updated to add above mentioned features. In addition several other core files were modified (see separate instructions).

Updating from the v1.0x can be done by overwriting the existing files in the Infusion folder (beware to appropriately rename your infusion.php files!). To add the full Glossary featues when using the glos tags requires the modification of several core files. For an otherwise unmodified site you can upload all files from the changed-files folder. If you have already modified core files you need to check whether changes for the Glossary also apply to previously modified files (in which case you need to modifiy the file manually) or not (in which case you can upload the supplied modified file).

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