Thread subject: muscapaul's PHP-Fusion website :: Open Newsletter Infusion v2.00

Posted by muscapaul on 03-07-2009 15:51

New version: v2.00

A system that will alow you to write newsletters, store them and send them. Newsletters can be sent in plain text or HTML formats.
Members and guests can add themselves to the subscribers list by clicking a link in the Newsletter Subscription Panel and can remove themselves in a similar fashion.
It is updated from a previous version of an Open Newsletter written by Koller J?zsef (Orosznyet). At the time it was released as the Burn!nGames Newsletter.

Please note that I 'concocted' the package quite quickly and perhaps I am not quite accurate in some of the descriptions. I apologise for that. I will pay some more attention to it later on. The infusion should work as a standard infusion, anyway.

DOWNLOAD (last version: 03.07.2009)