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Posted by gdaze on 21-07-2010 13:03

Hi Paul, I just tried mucking around with this again on a test mySQL DB.

I imported close on 6800 terms records into the DB, only for other parts of the DB to be rendered inoperable due to SQL and Server errors, timeouts etc. I then emptied out the Terms table, and things returned to normal again.

I am hoping that the Terms Infusion does not get bogged down by adding many entries into the DB.

I'll check the quality of the CSV file I used for importing, just to make sure it was alright. I did have a look at the Terms Infusion online, and the data appeared to be ok.

I'll write back soon.


Posted by gdaze on 21-07-2010 14:15

Hi again Paul, I worked it out.. there was a missing delimiter character in my export/import CSV file. It works ok now. Looking good, though I have a couple of other queries which I will address in another post very soon. G

Posted by gdaze on 22-07-2010 11:32

Actually, I have tried importing a smaller dataset with all fields set as 'text' with values encapsulated in double quote marks. They get into the DB table AOK, but there are issues with the relevant Includes file, which says something about there missing a delimiter referemce. I can't make it out, but as a result, it impacts on all other areas of PHP Fusion (News, Articles, Forums). I have to empty the Terms table so I can access those other areas again. I'll keep testing, see what else I can find.

Posted by gdaze on 24-07-2010 10:49

Ok, I see how you have prevented the use of the single quote/apostrophe mark in a term. i was testing the Term Title with persons names. This obviously wouldn't work if you had a whole bunch of Irish names like O'Connor or O'Brien'. Also, I was volume testing the Terms table. The more records you put in it, the more the entire mySQL database grinds to a halt. There must be some piece of code which runs a checking routine per record, which means the more records available, the more the system has to check, which in turn - slows the DB.

Posted by lelebart on 10-04-2011 02:20

any updates for 7.01? (7.02?)

Posted by muscapaul on 27-04-2011 23:39

Nope, I have virtually no time to develop these days.