Thread subject: muscapaul's PHP-Fusion website :: Forum - Accepting Code of Conduct

Posted by muscapaul on 12-12-2008 15:54

Issue fixed.

New version: v1.03

Changes in this version:
- Incorrect default value in settings table corrected (thx to Diabelez for reporting the error).

Upgrading from v1.02 to 1.03:
Upload the new ../infusions/forum_coc/infusion.php to your server and upgrade the infusion. If you have the error on the Forum - CoC page, then go to the Forum - COC settings tab and simply click on 'Save Settings' and the incorrect value will b corrected in teh database.

Upgrading from PHP-Fusion v6 to PHP-Fusion v7:
Upgrading starts by uploading the infusion files, overwriting the existing ones, and uploading the modified core files or updating them manually (see readme file).
PHP-Fusion v7 utilises a somewhat different system for administering admin rights for Infusions. In v6 it used to be a single setting that gave rights to all Infusions. Under the new version every infusion will be given its own code for admin rights. As a result it is necessary to run an upgrade script (../infusions/forum_coc/v6-7upgrade.php) that will at least at the rights for the primary Superadministrator. The file has checkboxes to indicate whether all superadmins should be given access rights to this Infusion and/or whether all admins should be given those rights. This script only needs to be run if a site is upgraded from PHP-Fusion v6 to v7. Even though a check has been built in to prevent the script from being run after the upgrade has already been performed, it is advised to delete the script from your server after upgrading.

DOWNLOAD (last updated: 12.12.2008)